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  1. REQUEST FOR BEST REFERENCE to support: “Does CO2 Cause Global Warming?”

    I have been urging ASCE to strengthen their policy statement on Greenhouse Gases by adding a supporting reference, which is needed by project engineers who must justify the extra project costs for CO2 control.—greenhouse-gases/

    I am requesting assistance to identify a solid technical reference (not a “consensus” report, but actual scientific research) to support the statement that ” increasing atmospheric CO2 causes global warming”?

    Providing an appropriate reference (citation) would be beneficial to: (1) strengthening the ASCE’s policy statement on Greenhouse Gases, (2) meeting professional ethics requirements for engineers who present construction projects, with CO2 controls, to funding organizations and to the public, and (3) reducing public opposition to added project costs for CO2 control.

    A further benefit of providing an appropriate reference (citation) may be to help resolve doubt, conflict and political inaction regarding CO2 controls. The necessary information to convince a responsible scientist, or the well educated public, of the merit of a scientific statement (such as: “increasing atmospheric CO2 causes global warming”) is a published peer-reviewed documentation of the scientific method used to support the statement. If this key document is missing, any concerted effort to communicate other/secondary information (even that produced by scientific organizations, such as consensus statements) is less convincing.

    My preliminary search indicates that the necessary information (the key reference documenting the scientific method used) is missing from all the main communication sources, such as the AAAS letters to Congress, the IPCC reports, the US EPA “endangerment finding”, as well as climate science educational and consensus reports. But perhaps I have somehow missed finding it, so I am asking others to help search.

    The appropriate reference I am seeking would:
    * be professionally published actual research (so not a student tutorial, not a website or video or literature summary)
    * would specifically address the question (hypothesis): Does CO2 cause global warming?
    * clearly show the research steps (method) leading from the hypothesis to the conclusion, and
    * the published paper would be independently peer reviewed.

    I appreciate any suggestions you may have for this published paper. It would help if you could please briefly describe what method was used within the paper to “prove” or otherwise demonstrate that CO2 causes warming. I would wish to find, for example, the published results from a microcosm experiment, or perhaps a statistical analysis of the ice core record to show that CO2 had some actual effect on temperature as opposed to just being a response, or some other valid method for testing the hypothesis (not including results from non-verified models).

    I have wondered why there is no publication of a formal hypothesis test –according to the scientific method — which would be the best method, and the most effective for convincing critical scientists. Why has no federal agency (EPA, NSF, DOE, NOAA, etc.) ever called for or funded research to use the best method — the scientific method with hypothesis test — to test whether CO2 does or does not cause global warming? Lack of funding is no excuse, considering that the federal government already spends about $7billion/year on technology to reduce emissions. If you know of any such RFP, I would appreciate the information.

    Finding a strong reference will be helpful to the engineering community as they go forward with new sustainable infrastructure projects. Thank you for considering this question, and for any assistance you can provide.

    contact notes:
    Policy Statement 488 – Greenhouse Gases –


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